A little bit about us and owner/ designer James:

I think we now have nearly 20 variations of these pieces and around another 30 pieces for the home. Tidyboy in essence is my platform to market my furniture designs. My eye continues to change develop as does my influence, and I hope to see this ‘idea’ turn into a full scale furniture company. We are now a team of 5 with 2 fully trained carpenters and one very experienced welder. Each piece is designed by me and handmade by us. My priority is to deliver a beautifully finished product which will remain a feature of your home for years to come; since launching I have personally finished and packed over 3000 pieces, the aim being to establish a level of quality which will remain with us as we grow. I am continuously designing, and we launch new products every month. The last few years have been an organic evolution in my understanding in furniture design and production, I did not study design, thus have approached this idea with simply my own creative philosophy and my own perspective in modern design. In essence I like to combine functional and modern design with natural materials produced by hand to a consistent high standard. A couple of years back I stumbled on the Japanese principle of Wabi-Sabi, and today I assign a handful of these principles into my design ethos and mantra for life. It was a pleasing moment in my design career to naturally confirm my existing ethos with that of an ancient Japanese culture.
Kanso (簡素) Simplicity or elimination of clutter
Fukinsei (不均整) Asymmetry or irregularity
Shibui/Shibumi (渋味)Beautiful by being understated
Shizen (自然) Naturalness
I would like to thank you for visiting our webstore and hope you that you might find a piece to decorate your home with, today or sometime in the future.

James Mainwaring
Founder, Tidyboy